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In the interest of Public Safety, effective 12:00 PM on 7/17, City Hall will be limiting entrance to the building.

You may submit your payments through the mail, City website, phone in, or use the Drop Box by the front door.

Should you need to meet with any staff, please call 846-2238 to make an appointment and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Please note that you must wear a mask to enter the building.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this challenging time.


If you have an emergency:

Mayor Solle:  594-1886

Brian Bender : 594-1896

Trent Freeman: 594-2240

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Covid-19 Information


For More information and links to provide assistance please click below


Job Openings

City of Deer Lodge is now accepting proposals for a cleaner. Must have current business license, insurance, and references.




Upcoming Events        

April 28th – Rotary Talent Show ( Cancelled until further notice)

June 20 – Territorial Days, Parade, Car Show (Cancelled)

July 25th – Cookin’ on the Clark Fork 12-6 (Cancelled)


City Council Members

City Council Members

Mary Hathaway, Ward 1         mhathaway@cityofdeerlodgemt.gov

Thomas Malcomb, Ward 1      tmalcomb@cityofdeerlodgemt.gov

Robert Kersch. Ward 2             rkersch@cityofdeerlodgemt.gov

John Molendyke, Ward 2         jmolendyke@cityofdeerlodgemt.gov

Amanda Bohrer, Ward 3          abohrer@cityofdeerlodgemt.gov

Dick  Bauman,Ward 3              dbauman@cityofdeerlodgemt.gov

John Henderson, Ward 4         jhenderson@cityofdeerlodgemt.gov

John Skibsrud, Ward 4             jskibsrud@cityofdeerlodgemt.gov

Departments, Boards & Committees

City Council Committees

Council President: Rob Kersch

City Council Operations Committee:

Chair: Rob Kersch               Members: Mary Hathaway; Dick Bauman

Economic Growth & Development Committee:

Chair: Mary Hathaway       Members:  Amanda Bohrer; John Henderson

Finance Committee:

Chair:  Dick Bauman          Members: Mary Hathaway; Rob Kersch; Dick Bauman

Parks & Recreation Committee:

Chair: Amanda Bohrer           Members: John Molendyke; John Skibsrud

Public Health and Safety Committee:

Chair: Rob Kersch                    Members: Tom Malcolmb; John Skibsrud

Public Works Committee:

Chair: John Molendyke           Members: Tom Malcomb; John Henderson

City Council Board Representation

City Council Board Representation

City Council Board Representation:

Airport Board:                                     John Skibsrud

County Parks Board:                        John Molendyke

Chamber of Commerce Board:   John Henderson

Headwaters RC & D:                        Brian Bender, Dick Bauman

Historic Preservation Board:      Mary Hathaway

Landfill Board                                 Rob Kersch

Local Emergency Planning Committee:  Tom Malcomb

Library Board:  Amanda Bohrer

Planning Board:

Youth Board:   Amanda Borher

City Facilities

City Facilities

Deer Lodge City/County Airport
Airport Road, Deer Lodge

Animal Shelter
5 N. Berg Street, Deer Lodge

City Hall
300 Main Street, Deer Lodge

Deer Park Golf Course
838 Golf Course Rd, Deer Lodge

William H Kohrs Memorial Library
501 Missouri Avenue, Deer Lodge


Jaycee Park :  519 Higgins Ave
Ball Fields, Picnic Areas, Playground, Community Garden, Recreational Trails

 West Side Park : 701 W. Pennsylvania Ave
Basketball Court, Picnic Areas, Playground

Arrowstone Park : South Main Street
Paved Riverfront Walking Trails, Boat Ramp, Fishing Pier, Pond

Public Works Facility
408 Pavilion Lane, Deer Lodge

City of Deer Lodge Wastewater Treatment Plant
198 North Frontage Road, Deer Lodge

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