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December 6th  4 to 9:30 pm

A Christmas Light Parade, Santa Claus, Christmas Tree, and chances to win prizes from local businesses on Main Street!

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The Planning Board for the City of Deer Lodge is holding a public hearing on April 23rd at 12 PM in the City Council Chambers located at 300 Main Street in Deer Lodge, Montana. The Planning Board initiated the proceedings to place properties that contain more than one manufactured home in the R-4, Manufactured Home Park District. The Deer Lodge City Council on July 2, 2018 adopted the R-4 Zoning District to eliminate the nonconforming status of specific properties. The properties subject to this zoning action include the following: 1. 900 Higgins Ave. (28-1678-33-4-40-10-0000) & (28-1678-33-4-40-12-0000); 2. 105 Kohrs St. (28-1678-33-4-38-02-0000); 3. 217 Larabie St. (28-1678-33-4-22-01-0000); 4. 326 Stark St. (28-1678-34-3-06-11-0000); 5. 110 Second St. (28-1678-33-3-38-01-0000); 6. 401 Mitchell St. (28-1678-33-3-17-01-0000); 7.
613 W. Maryland Ave. (28-1578-05-1-15-01-0000); and 8. 801 W. Maryland Ave. (28-1578-05-1-13-06-0000).

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